Marine Boat Repair & Maintenance in Ozona, FL

Our shop provides marine boat repair in Ozona. We’re located 20 minutes north of Crystal Beach. If your boat is kept at one of the local high and drys, we can service it there! If you prefer, you can bring your boat to us. You can call us today to schedule your service and get a quote by completing our online service request form here!

Ozona hosts a small community of friendly locals who, if you asked, would happily show you around their village that hugs the Gulf of Mexico. This quaint seaside village is charming and is home to a range of electric architecture. You’ll find mansions next to beach shacks here! It’s easy to fall in love with the charm and sense of community that Ozona offers.

Boating fans will relish in the surrounding waters here that lead to St. Joseph Sound and the open Gulf. In St. Joseph Sound, you’ll find a large boiling spring hidden away among the expansive sea grass meadow. Nature enthusiasts should bring their boats here at low tide to witness the spring water bubbling above the seawater! You can also get in some good bird spotting here.

For those who don’t have the luxury of a dock in their backyard can gain access to the water through one of five marinas they have here. For an all round great experience, head down to George’s Marina where the local owners go above and beyond to please their customers.

They offer low daily launch rates and have recently set up Joe’s Kitchen where you can grab cold beers and some great food!

Fort De Soto also has many hot spots for tasty fish!

Another option is the Ozona Shores Boat Club where you can really get the ultimate boating experience. They offer a huge variety of trips so you can fish the Gulf waters, take a day trip to nearby Sarasota or even just cruise the famous Florida Keys.

Like its’ neighbors in Crystal Beach, the community here prefer to drive around in golf carts. They even hold a Christmas golf cart parade! Hire a golf cart and go out to explore this friendly waterside community. Make sure you stop off and enjoy one of the many fantastic restaurants they have here!

Marine Boat Repair Ozona FL
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