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Why Floridians Love Boating at Anclote Key

If you’re looking for a great place to go boating, Anclote Key is the perfect destination.  Anclote Key is a stretch of island that makes up the Anclote Key State Park.  You can charter a boat for a trip, or venture out on your own.  

Boats can be launched from multiple locations, depending on whether you are launching a motor boat or non-powered boat.  When you land on the island, you want to aim as near as you can to the pier if you are looking to visit the island’s lighthouse.

Beautiful Beach

When you arrive, you can take advantage of the beautiful beach.  Go swimming or fishing off the coast of the island.  There is reputed to be some excellent fishing off of the pier, but people fish all over the island and in the water surrounding it.  Snorkeling is another popular activity because of the clear, blue-green waters surrounding the island.

The island is a great place to explore nature.  Because the island is not commercialized, you can experience the natural habitat of the island.  Exploring the dunes is a common activity.  You can also walk the island and explore the beautiful beaches.  

Many people choose to observe the island wildlife, particularly birds.  The island is well known for being home to a wide variety of different birds, which makes for unique and exciting birdwatching.

The only building on the entire island aside from the ranger building is a lighthouse, which attracts people from all over.  Therefore, there are no structural accommodations on the island itself.  If you have a larger boat, you might consider staying overnight on the boat, or, transport your camping equipment for a rustic camping experience.

 You can set up tents and camping equipment on the northern part of the island.

The Lighthouse

Once you’ve finished exploring the island, make your way to the historical lighthouse.  In 1887, the Anclote Key Lighthouse was built, and was in use until 1984.  

The lighthouse underwent changes in ownership, abandonment, and finally, restoration.  In 2003, the lighthouse underwent an eight month restoration process so that the historical building could be visited and enjoyed.

It is sometimes open to the public, and you can enjoy the stunning view from the tower of the ocean and island.

After you’ve completed your visit, you can hop on your boat and return to your launching point.    

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