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Those who love boating know that owning a boat is like becoming a part of a brand new community.  There is all sorts of equipment and amenities available for boaters, so it’s no surprise that a number of apps have been developed for the boating lifestyle.  Here are some of the best apps available for boaters.


FishWeather is an app that has its own weather station access, in addition to thousands of weather stations across the world.  It is especially designed to pick up wind patterns, ensuring that you are not stuck in an unexpected situation.  The short term weather updates keep you posted so that you can have a safe experience.

If for some reason you do get stranded on the water, BoatUs Towing is the app for you.  You can sign up for a membership, and start a profile which will identify you when you use the app.  The


BoatUs app will contact dispatch if you are stuck and need a tow to land.

In case you need to navigate in the dark, or flag down a passing ship, myLite flashlight and strobe will light your way.  This app is free, and includes various options for lighting.  It even has an SOS signal that you can use in case of emergency.

Boat Essentials

Boat Essentials will also keep you safe.  It does so by letting you know what you need on your boat.  This app is a checklist that gives you a roster of the required safety equipment for your boat.  It also has its own suggestions, so you can stock your boat to be as safe for you and your passengers as possible.

If you’re the type of boater that likes to go on trips, you’ll want a trip planning app on your smartphone.  There are many different applications available, ranging from basic to advanced.  

Garmin BlueChart Mobile

Perhaps the most user friendly is the Garmin BlueChart Mobile.  Users will be familiar with its basic construct if they’ve ever used the land GPS system.  This app, however, offers the opportunity to easily plan your trip and view routes.  It even has a highly detailed map which shows varying depths of water.  You can plan around weather, change your route to include stops, and keep an eye on wind directions and speeds.

RaceLogic Vbox Sport

If you really want to see what your boat can do, RaceLogic Vbox Sport is an app that will put it to the test.  It will give you a wealth of data, including speed, acceleration, deceleration, and lap times.  If your goal is performance, this is one of the most highly recommended applications out there.


When you’re ready to call it a day, or if you just need to fill up the tank, Dockwa will be the app you turn to.  This app lets you know what marinas are in your area.  You can even choose your destination and reserve a slip from the phone.  Once your reservation is confirmed, you can also process your payment.

With these boating apps, you’ll be ahead of the game no matter what your boat time entails.  Whether you are looking to float, or want to make good time, these apps can help.