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If fishing is your sport of choice, Tampa Bay is the place for you!

Local Fishing Hot Spots in Tampa Bay

At S&S Marine Services we offer boat repair in Clearwater and know some of the best fishing spots, useful tips, and fishing charters for those wishing to take advantage of the many opportunities that the area has to offer.

If you don’t have a boat, wade fishing is popular and has great reviews.

Clearwater has more wade fishing spots than any other area in coastal Florida, and all you need to do is venture a bit out into the water.

Make sure you obtain the right bait, then just cast your line!

You can catch a wide variety of fish right off the coast.  We recommend going when the sun goes down, or as it’s coming up, to avoid large crowds since it’s so popular.

If you prefer to stay dry, there are also multiple piers you can fish off of in the area. The pier also has its own fishing license which will allow anyone to fish off of the pier.

Local Fishing Guides for Saltwater Fishing in Tampa Bay

For beginners, there are fishing guides available who will take you to offshore locations for saltwater fishing.

These guides usually have a good size boat, and can take multiple passengers on the excursion.

Many will provide the proper equipment for you to have a successful fishing trip.

There are catch and release charters, and some that will allow you to take home some of your fish, so make sure you are informed and aware before booking your fishing trip.

Anclote Key is also well known place for fishing & charters!

If you’re planning on venturing out on your own, there are a few tips you should follow…

Tips you Should Know:

First, it doesn’t hurt to get a quick checkup, since you could be out all day.

Visit our boat repair shop in Clearwater, and we’ll make sure you are in great shape for a day out on the water.  Arrive early to your fishing spot, and seek out the perfect place to fish.

Fishing is a popular activity in the area, so arriving early ensures that you can beat the crowds.  We recommend you stay the full day, so you can increase your chances of catching a big fish.

Check different areas for different fish.  There are several guides which can help you to determine which fish are populating certain areas.

If it’s a particularly hot day, look in shaded areas for better results.  Once you find that you are enjoying your fishing excursions, invest in some high-tech equipment.

The more prepared you are, the more you will catch.  There are many shops that sell fishing equipment, and can advise you on what you need.

It’s is an excellent place for fishing at all levels of expertise.  The diverse types of fish, along with the variety of fishing opportunities makes it an ideal hot spot for fishermen.

Whether you are local to the area or looking for a great place to vacation, Clearwater can provide an assortment of activities and entertainment to make your trip unforgettable.