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If you’ve entrenched yourself in the boating lifestyle, the next step is to find your yacht club.  Yacht clubs are a fun way to meet fellow boaters.  They’re accessible by water, and usually offer dining, drinks, and membership benefits.  Florida is a prime destination for boating, so we naturally have some amazing yacht clubs.  Here are some of the best yacht clubs in Florida.

Lauderdale Yacht Club

The Lauderdale Yacht Club is best known for its history.  The club was established in 1938, and has been running steadily ever since.  This beautiful club offers tennis courts, docking, and a full service clubhouse.  They also do special events, and have a renowned sailing program.

Royal Palm Beach and Yacht Club

If luxury is your goal, this Boca Raton yacht club is at the top.  It’s known for exceptional yachting facilities, making it a desirable choice for boaters.  That’s not the only attraction, though.  The sprawling golf course is a major draw for members.  The yacht facility and golf facility are two separate locations with fine dining, swimming, and other activities.  

Tarpon Springs Yacht Club

If you like to keep things on a smaller scale, the Tarpon Springs Yacht Club is the place to be.  Known for its social atmosphere and home-like environment, the Tarpon Springs Yacht Club is like a family to its members.  With a beautiful property, great food, and an excellent location, this yacht club is perfect for the local explorer.

Stuart Corinthian Yacht Club

This yacht club, located in Stuart, Florida, is one of the newer clubs on our list.  It was established in 1988 and is the perfect club for those who don’t like being idle.  They offer a variety of activities for members, including a Cruising Program.  You don’t even need a boat to join!

Tampa Yacht and Country Club

The Tampa Yacht and Country Club has the appearance of a gorgeous Southern estate.  They are known for their expectations of genteel behavior, and offer state of the art features.  They have stables, a swimming pool, and tennis courts, among other amenities.  The club offers everything its members need for a well rounded experience.

Carlouel Yacht Club

The first thing you notice about the Carlouel Yacht Club in Clearwater is the private beach.  Like most yacht clubs, Carlouel offers excellent food and recreational activities.  For those who have a family, Calouel is the perfect club to belong to.  They have a family-friendly philosophy and offer a variety of family-related activities.

If you are a boater, joining a club may appeal to you.  Joining a yacht club is a great way to become exposed to a number of activities, and socialize with people of common interest.  In Florida, we have a club that fits everyone, so you are never left without options.