Marine Boat Repair Services Near Oldsmar

The city of Oldsmar is defined by it’s stunning waterfront vista, which is best viewed at sunset for the full effect of the surrounding beauty. Oldsmar is full of landscaped boulevards, an abundance of parks and a large wilderness preserve.

This beautiful city has a fantastic focus on family fun and showcases this at mini events throughout the year. The main event which you can’t miss, is the annual “Celebrate Oldsmar”. Held in August, the two day event celebrates all that is great about the city. Live music, carnival rides and food vendors await you! There is plenty of things to do while your marine boat repair is underway.

Fancy casting a line? Oldsmar has an abundance of parks with fishing piers! Head over to Harbor Palms Nature Park where you’ll find a stunning floating pier with views you can really enjoy. Alternatively, visit R.E. Olds Park where you’ll find a real rustic pier, which offers the best fishing early in the morning.

The main boat ramp here is located in Mobbly Bayou Preserve but is only able to accommodate small boats. The ramp however gives access to a series of small borrow pit lakes, which is a lot of fun to explore! It’s also possible to access Mobbly Bay through a shallow and narrow connection.

Any fantastic way to enjoy the water around Oldsmar is by canoe or kayak. Many of the parks here accommodate launching a canoe or kayak. A lot of the parks lakes and rivers here are quite narrow so are more enjoyable to experience by smaller boats. You can find canoe launches at Mobbly Bayou Wilderness Preserve and Mobbly Beach Park.

Mobbly Beach Park is an area of Oldsmar that a lot of residents fall in love with. It’s also proven very popular with Florida residents driving from nearby town’s to visit. It’s not your typical white, sandy beach but the place holds a charm so unique to the state of Florida.

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