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Myths of the Sea

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The sea is a constant source of mystery, and because of its undiscovered depths and vast span, it is often the source of mythology and folklore.  There are many myths surrounding the sea, and even some in our local boat repair shop’s own backyard.  Here are some of the most world famous and locally famous myths of the sea.

Local Boat Repair Professionals Reveal Myths of the Deep Sea

The Kraken

The Kraken is a multi-tentacle, giant sea monster.  It is said to be able to bring entire ships down into the sea with its tentacles, sinking the ship and drowning all on board.  While this has been long thought of as a myth, there actually are giant squids which can get to over 30 feet in length!  This is a big squid.  It could be possible that weaker and smaller boats of older times were susceptible to damage from these creatures.  


If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ve heard of kappas.  But, like many of Rowlings creatures, Kappa are actually an ancient myth.  The Kappa happens to be based in Japanese folklore.  It is basically a water demon that eats disobedient little children.  Many believe in the Kappa, which has a frog-like appearance and a pool of water on its head.  


There are many versions of this popular myth.  Merpeople have been both romanticized and depicted as grotesque water creatures, depending on the adaptation.  They’ve been described as water gods and deities, as well as guards or guides.  They are also confused or cross-referenced with sirens, who lure sailors to their death at sea.

Loch Ness Monster

You’ve definitely heard of this one!  This “monster” has a sea serpent like appearance on top, but most of its body is submerged in water.  There have been endless research attempts over the year to prove or disprove the existence of the Loch Ness Monster.  


Grindylows are based in British folklore.  They have long fingers, used to drag little children down into the water!  


This monster is actually has Biblical roots. Leviathan was a sea monster associated with Satan.  Perhaps this is why Leviathan is often shown as a sea serpent.  However, in other cultures, the monster is depicted as having seven heads and a whale-like appearance.


Selkies are Scottish mythology based creatures that were disguised as sea lions.  They could shed their skin and take human form, which could be dangerous for the women.  If a woman shed her skin and a man stole it, the woman must become his wife.  The man must keep the skin hidden, however, for if the wife found it she would be free and would return to sea, leaving the husband to die of grief.

Tampa Bay Beach Sea Monster

It all started in 2006, when photos of a horrific, monstrous corpse on Tampa Bay started circulating online.  Theories were all over the internet, and the speculations went wild, and are still out there, even though the actual identity of the Tampa Bay Beach Sea Monster has long been revealed.  The “Sea Monster” is a piece by sculptor Juan Cabana, Tampa Bay artist.  He constructs sculptures of sea monsters, mermaids, and other nautical myths.  This photo, meant for ebay, caused quite a stir on social media sites!

The sea is a never-ending mystery, and so is the life within it.  New lifeforms are discovered all the time.  Explore our waters and come back to tell us of your sea adventures when you bring your boat in for local boat repair!



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